Thursday, January 14, 2010

What I want to do in Twenty Ten

I'm still not used to writing '10. It's weird. And yes, I realize it's halfway through January. I better get movin'.

I didn't really make New Year's resolutions. I was so busy over the holidays I kind of forgot about it to be honest. There are plenty of goals that I have- be a better wife (you know- keep the house cleaner and cook more--- kidding), be a better friend, love God more, etc. But I want to tell you about what I want to DO this year! Real, practical sorta stuff.

1. Make (and eat) a red velvet cake.


2. Sew at least one item of clothing from a pattern. In my opinion, that's when someone is really good- when they can follow the pattern!

3. Do more thrift store shopping and upcycling.

4. Eat more "whole" foods and cook healthier. I just stumbled across this search engine, and I'm excited about trying it.
Super Natural Recipe Search

5. Take more pictures. I'd have a lot more to blog about if I had more pictures.

6. Be able to get through more than one circuit of Jillian Michael's workout DVDs. (And recover in less than 4 days.)She is a scary, scary woman.

7. Sew a quilt?? Maybe, I don't know. It would be a cute one though, not all country and stuff.

8. Sew more aprons in new styles.

9. Take a vacay to Cape Cod with my hubby.

10. Start/participate in/attend a crafty/sewing social event on a regular basis. I would love to sew/craft with others!


Bekah Buttons said...

martha's vineyard is better

Lydia said...

taking lydia is better than josh

Bluebelle said...

Wow that cake looks amazing. What is in it?!

Abby said...

Bluebelle- I have no idea what's in red velvet cake... that's why I want to make it! I think maybe cream cheese?? that could just be the icing though, not sure.