Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What I made, Part 4

Updated to add:

Thank you soo much to Leelou blogs for my new blog look!! I love her stuff!! You should check it out- lots of free stuff too :)


Here is a bag I made for my brother-in-law to give to his girlfriend.

I love this bag because it is totally arms and hands free!

I bought this fabric because it is heavier home decor fabric and was on sale at Joann's. But when I got home I got really worried because of the seam in the front of the bag. You'll notice that I didn't match it up very well, so the shapes are off a bit. I actually was worried it would look a lot worse (though the back is worse!). I used this pattern before, but I never really had to worry about the seam in the front. When I do it again, I won't use a geometric pattern!


Bekah Buttons said...

i see you are editing your photos eh?

have you tried picnik.com?

Kaley Badger said...

Love Love Love the new layout! And as always your projects are amazing!