Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a minor tangent

Allow me to go on a minor tangent from sewing.

I'm in love. With Schumann, that is. Robert Schumann. SHOE + MONN.

Oh, you don't know him? Let me share.

I am playing this Symphony for a concert coming up in February with my orchestra.

My favorite (non-musical)parts:
-the facial expressions in the first 15 seconds.
-at 1:04, the trumpet player on the right. (Looks like the Hawaiian guy who sings that new version of "Somewhere over the rainbow")
-around 4:25-4:30, the camera is over the whole orchestra, and it looks like a breathing organism with all the bows going in the same direction.

So tell me your thoughts. Your honest thoughts. Do you like "classical" music? (This is really "romantic" music.) Because if you don't, I don't think you're listening to the right stuff. If you get squeamish and have traumatic flashbacks of being forced to sit through long boring concerts, or have any sort of flashback to playing the clarinet in 3rd grade... I beg you. Give it another try!! (being able to listen to the music, that is... not playing the clarinet) Maybe I can help change your mind.

OH, you didn't know I was a dork? Sorry. Whoops. I let it out a little. (that's what she said!)


Patty said...

Hi Abby! I LOVE your blog! :) You are so funny. Your things to do list was great. You make me want to have a blog. When/where/how much for seeing your orchestra. I've always wanted to go see you play. I have some of my own favorites in classical music...but you got me wanting to listen to Schumann more now... :)

Abby said...

Hi Patty, thanks for reading :) My orchestra is the Main Line Symphony- Next concert is Feb. 26 at 8pm, i think $10 for adults at Valley Forget Middle School- all the info is on the website if you want to have a look! thanks!

Abby said...

ha, i meant Valley Forge

Becca said...

feb. 26, i really wanna try and make it!!!!
(can you tell i've been catching up on my musings readings tonight!??!)