Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Internet lameness

It shouldn't be news to anyone that I am not exactly a techie. I mean, I can barely make a link. And I usually don't believe that the link works so I have to double check it. I have learned a lot since starting this blog (mostly thanks to this person- see that? Ok, just double checked, it DIDN'T work, go figure.) Well, there are a few things that I still don't get about the internet, and it's starting to annoy me. I realize there may be real reasons why these things are the way they are, but.... just, why?? If anyone would like to fill me in, please do!

1. When people write, "myemail (at) gmail (dot) com" .... Is that just to be cool? Seriously, who doesn't know what @ and . mean these days?

2. I guess the word "photo" is not a sufficient abbreviation anymore. Now, I've noticed that unless you want to be labeled uncool and lame for the rest of your life, you have to add the G. Photogs. I really just don't get it.

3. Ok, I'm going to really embarrass myself here. But you know on some blogs they say, "Subscribe to my RSS feed" and don't actually have a "Follow me" button? Yeah, I don't follow those blogs. I have not a clue what RSS feed means. So I just have to remember that I liked that blog and check back when I remember. Really lame. There's GOT to be a better way!!!

4. Apparently now the "internet" is called the "internets"?

5. My sister just asked me if I have "google analytics" set up yet. I had to google what that means.

I better just stick to sewing.

Happy Friday!!


jess said...


Miss Peregrin said...

I'm just as bad. :P

Breathe said...

the whole (at) and (dot) thing is to try to avoid spam.

which is like avoiding swine flu by eating chicken.

just fyi.

Bluebelle said...

Haha, this made me laugh! I've never seen anyone use "photogs", that's bizarre. My husband (a techie) set up google analytics for me on my blog, I like seeing where in the world people are visiting my blog from.

Lydia said...

hahah I chuckled.

Sarah @ said...

I put my e-mail address like that for two reasons. First, sometimes it helps avoid spammers. (Not always. Just sometimes.)

Second, when I contact people on Etsy, it screws up the @ sign for some reason and then people get the wrong e-mail address.

Bekah Buttons said...