Friday, January 1, 2010

Best of 2009

Ok, I know most people did "Best of" lists like three days ago... I'm a bit behind. I'm always behind. Does anyone else always feel that way???

Going into the new year has been hard for me for the past few years with my mom being gone. I always get sad thinking that I am another year older, and that's one more year I've lived without her in my life. All the memories from this past year did not include her, nor will any memories for the year to come. I really miss her. I miss her gentle smile and comforting presence.

Anyway, sorry to be such a downer. I did have some great memories in 2009, though, and below I will share them with you, my dear bloggy friends:

Best of 2009, Snails' style

1. Learning to sew, of course!!
I am so amazed at all I've learned in only a matter of a few months.

2. Starting the Snails blog, which will be getting a major face lift in a few days. Can't wait for you to see!

3. Starting my Etsy shop and starting to sell a few of my handmade goods. It feels really good to make a little money off of this hobby I've come to love!

4. Graduating from college. I've never felt more free.

5. Going to Mexico with my hubby for our 1 year anniversary.

6. Watching [some of] my violin students grow into young musicians, and seeing their hard work really pay off.

7. Watching my baby kitties grow into little adult cats and become the most loving, adorable, best kitties in the world.

8. Moving to a newer, more affordable apartment.

9. Making new friends and having a community of people who we know love and support us. This is our house church! 10. Loving this guy more and more every day.
Happy 2010!


Tania-Dreams2010 said...

Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing ;)

I know the feeling of every year going by without a parent, my dad passed away 7 years ago. BUT.. I just know that they are with us and watch over us everyday ;)

Wish you ALLL the best for 2010!

PS. Let me know how you like the 30day shred! I could barely walk the next day ha!

Bekah Buttons said...

fun list. i'd post one but i think i might die

Becca said...

man, you've been a blogging queen! didnt'realized i'd be so behind on the posts! gotta fill myself more later--productivity calls eventhougth she's been calling adn i've been ignoring her (is she a she or a he?!?)