Friday, February 19, 2010

Cupcakes for Haiti- Thank you!

Hop on over to the cupcakes website to see some pictures from our cupcake baking night. Thank you to ALL who helped make this possible!

The reason our group wanted to do this was because none of us had a whole lot to give individually, and we wanted to do something very practical (and yummy) to give more money than we could have given just by ourselves.

100% of our proceeds went to Deep Springs International.

And we raised over $900! THANK YOU!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sweater to Ruffle Scarf

I finally got back to sewing a bit yesterday. I LOVE this project- it was pretty quick. I think I'll make like 10 more with old sweaters I have.

I was given this cashmere sweater from my friend Susie. Hi Sus!

(this is always what happens when I try to do projects)

Ok, here it is:

(oops, kinda fuzzy)

Just a plain ol' sweater. But soft. Really soft.

I came across THIS tutorial a while ago. That's what I used.

And here's how it came out!

(don't mind the background on these pics, I was in my 6x6 studio at the music store where I teach. Hey, I never claimed to be a great photographer.)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

it won't stop snowing

I'm so sick of snow. I'm sick of my feet getting wet, sick of the huge snow mounds outside of our apartment that make me have to walk all the way around to get to my car. Sick of being cooped up inside. And I'm REALLY sick of my hairy legs. I mean, it's bad. Really bad. But I have no reason to shave, wearing two pairs of pants everyday and all. So, here I am- me, my hairy legs, and my cats, just watching MORE snow come down. Will it ever stop? Will I ever feel the warm sun again??

You'd think with all of our snow days that I would be the sewing queen. But I'm not. I have projects to do, but I've just been putting them off to spend time cuddled with my hubby (apparently his name is Mr. Snails, who knew?) watching the entire HBO series of John Adams, old episodes of The Office, and doing anything but sewing and shaving my legs. It's been great, but back to the real world this week. Hopefully I'll get back to blogging too!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Guest Post: Things you may or may not know about Mr. Snails

So Abby has asked me for quite a well to do a guest post, probably thinking my fame and popularity would bring her blog to a whole new level. Anyway, she said either her or I could do the "Things you may or may not know about Mr. Snails post." I decided that would be easy enough for me to do, so here we go:

1. No one has EVER refferred to me as Mr. Snails

2. The same person who started calling Abby "snails" tries to call me "slug", I refuse to accept it as a nickname.

3. Even though you will never see me wear a hat in public, I LOVE putting things on my head. If you buy a headband from Abby, chances are its been on my head (ok prob not true) but every time I put on one of her headbands and Abby walks into the room, the looks she gives me is priceless, its a mix between, "I can't believe I married a three year old" and "I am so in love with this guy" or at least that's what I tell myself it means, either way, I Love that look.

4. I write really long run on sentences, am terrible at grammar, yet plan on being an English teacher.

5. My middle finger on my right hand is grossely deformed from going through the crank of a bicycle when I was younger.

6. I secretly love reading blogs even though I would never comment on them because I am far to embarrassed. But I regularly ready: Morman Bachelor Pad, Busy Bee Lauren, Bekah Buttons, Everything but Important, Andrealand, and then other random ones all the time. Last week I found myself on one about traveling fat pants, it made me chuckle.

7. I have started multiple blogs in the past, they have failed, often after one post.

8. Abby makes me make sense, I am truly a mess without her, I get excited about the idea of growing old with her.

9. As a child, I cried all the time, I'm not talking baby, I'm talking like 10, 12, maybe even until I was like 14. Usually I cried because I knew it would get my brothers in trouble, but nonetheless, I put on the waterworks all the time. Now, I couldn't tell you the last time I cried (although Private Practice this week did come close.)

10. I have some OCDish tendencies, for instance, when I am in the shower, I need to first put facewash on my face, count to 30, keep my eyes shut and reach around and find the shampoo, shampoo very quickly, rinse my head, and then wash the rest of my body without splashing any soap up to my head which I already cleaned with other soap, I don't want to mix the scents. Sometimes Abby throws out random numbers when I am counting in hopes of throwing me off, and she will laugh at me whenever she sees my reaching around for the shampoo with my eyes shut.

11. Oh yeah, sometimes we shower together.

12. One time while being intimate on our honeymoon a little Dominican man walked into our bedroom to fill up our mini-bar, It was really awkward, but I also really wanted the mini bar filled.

13. I don't usually call it "being intimate" but this is the internet, like anyone can access it, I wanted to keep it PG.

14. One time I had a steak so good that I became a vegetarian for like a month, I didn't want to have meat ever again because I knew it would never compare. That is ridiculous but so true.

15. I meant to put this as number 3 but forgot and don't feel like going back and changing all the numbers. But the only nickname I ever had that stuck at all was Joshy Squashy. At times I wish people still called me that.

Well, that's 15 new facts for you. I hope you feel as good as I do right now. It's great to get all that off my chest. Abby just woke up so I would rather be with her now than all of you anyway. no offense. so in closing I will say,

aint no thang, k thanks bye

Monday, February 1, 2010

things you may or may not know about snails

It's honesty Tuesday here at Musings of a Snail! (yeah, I just made that up)

1. I'm terrible in the kitchen. My food usually comes out tasting ok, but I make such a mess, I rush everything, burn lots of things, start fires, you know, the usual.

2. I eat a lot of macaroni and cheese. A LOT. The organic kind, though!

3. I never exercise. Partially because I haven't gained more than 2 pounds since 9th grade, and partially because I hate it. HATE it. I know, I know...

4. The earthquake in Haiti, my mom's death at age 48, and just contemplating humanity in general makes me question the goodness of a God I was brought up to love and worship.

5. I miss my mom most when I'm happy.

6. I feel scatter-brained almost all the time. It's Josh that pulls me together.

7. Sometimes I read the end of a book, just to make sure it ends happily- it's not worth my time if it doesn't.

8. I'm cold. All the freakin' time. I wear leggings under my pants every day (the thick kind, not stockings), and at least two shirts. It has to be at least 55 degrees out for me to not wear two pairs of pants. The other day my sister was over and she asked, "Why are you wearing two shirts?" To which I replied, "I think you mean, why WOULDN'T I wear two shirts???" Duh.

(A typical Josh and Abby picture- me freezing to death, and Josh not even wearing a coat, hole in the jeans and NO extra layer underneath. Ahh!)

Welp, that's the real me. What don't I know about YOU??!