Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm back! Plus interesting article

Oh, dear blog, how I've missed you. Oh yes, I've missed my bloggy friends too. This past weekend turned into a busy, non-internet time for us. Well, we didn't really have a choice, as the Verizon guy couldn't come until yesterday. But we are all moved, settled, and mostly unpacked. Pictures of the new place to come later! Unfortunately, I don't have time for a real post today... i have a mountain of sewing projects hanging over me that I put on the back burner while the moving process occurred. So, i must go.

But I want to share this article. It's long, but a good read. The article shows that buying SOLE foods (Sustainable, Organic, Local, and Ethical) can be done on a food stamps budget. I am pretty conscious of what food I buy and eat, but I could do a much better job. Honestly, it's laziness- it takes more effort and time to go to the Farmer's market for a few items, and grocery store for others. And also, I do have it in my head that buying organic, free-range, healthy food items is for rich people. Guess not.

I also looked up CSAs- in the article, she talks about being a part of this "community supported agriculture." I didn't even know that existed until now, and I think it's a really great concept. Basically, you buy a "share" of the farm, and usually from June-October/November, you'll get a box of fresh fruits/veggies every week. Some require a few hours of work every season, but you get to know the farmer and even the cows. I looked it up and there are actually a lot of farms around me that do it. I might think about it for next year. Have any of you joined a CSA or know anyone that has? Am I the last person in the world who has never heard of it?? (I'm always afraid that I'm the last person to hear about things, and then when I talk about it, you are all bored.)

Ok, I must end this non-post post. Will be back tomorrow... hopefully.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Goodbye, bathroom in the kitchen. Not exactly the best place for you.

Goodbye, slotted doors. You have made so many guests feel so uncomfortable while going to the bathroom. And yes, we could hear everything.

Goodbye, scary, creepy, dirty, leaky basement. I will only miss you for the storage you provide, though dirty and soggy it may be.

Goodbye, bright white bathroom floor. You show- magnify, actually- EVERY SINGLE HAIR AND MOLECULE of DIRT. I will not miss you. Not one bit.
(you don't want to see a picture of my bathroom floor at the moment)

Goodbye, closet that looks like a stage. Closet that was used as a stage. *Ahem* (Just kidding. I only said that to make you feel uncomfortable)

Goodbye, extremely loud, scares-me-every-time doorbell.

Goodbye, messy sewing corner. I truly will miss you. Back to sewing on the kitchen table.

Goodbye, wood paneling. You didn't look good, not even in 1982.

Goodbye, cold house. We turn the heat on and pay an outrageous amount of money, but you don't get warm. Ever. Ever.

Goodbye, crappy old dishwasher that smells like a moldy sponge.

Goodbye, window in the shower. You're not as camouflage-ing as one might expect. I realize we gave the neighbors a show for the first year we lived here.

Goodbye, kitchen faucet that burns me. I only loved you when I needed to boil water. Every other time, you just hurt me with your SCREAMING HOT water.

Goodbye, upholstery shop behind us. I will not miss your customers ringing our doorbell. I also will not miss delivering your mail every day. Nope, not a bit.

Ok, I feel better now. Operation MacNeills-are-Moving in 3 days!

We have LOTS to do- you know, like all the packing and stuff. No biggie.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I almost forgot...

I almost forgot what it felt like to be a girlfriend.

I almost forgot what it felt like to have a boyfriend.

But then I remembered....

Being kissed on the cheek for the first time.

OBX, 2006

Holding hands in the car.

Hilton Head, 2006

Opening doors.

Christmas morning, 2006

Giving cards just because.

NYC, 2006

Getting dressed up to go on a date.

Senior Prom, 2005

Not looking at prices on the menu.

OBX, 2006

Complimenting each other.

Hilton Head, 2006Making out on my parent's living room couch. Yep, mmm hmmm.

Easter, 2007

Dreaming about our future.

Engagement June, 2007

Praying for each other.

Easter, 2007
Listening intently.


Chasing each other around my parent's house.

Memorial Day, 2007

Getting a little nervous.

Phillies game, 2007

Kissing goodnight.

Hilton Head, 2007

On Saturday night, Josh took me on a date. A real date. Dinner and a movie. Well, in our case it was movie and a dinner (because Josh isn't too good at staying awake during movies, so we have to go earlier). It's been too long since we did that- just had a night being carefree, ordered an appetizer AND dessert. Somehow in the midst of our busyness, work, Josh being in school, money worries, and now moving, we forgot. We forgot to be each others' boyfriend and girlfriend. We forgot about trying to impress each other, being playful and carefree. And when life's so serious all the time.... things get to be too much. And you have to go back.

Back to a simpler time in life.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hello bloggy friends,
The MacNeills have some news- we are moving! No, we're not moving across seas, or even across the country. Neither of us got job transfers, and we certainly didn't buy a house. Nope. We are moving 5-8 minutes away from where we currently live because our utility bills are too high in this old house we live in. Exciting, huh?? Not really. We're moving to a brand new apartment complex, which should be pretty nice, but it's small. Very small. I am sad because we are leaving our first place together. I will miss it. I keep trying to tell myself, it doesn't matter where we live, as long as we're together! Cheesy, but true.

So, I apologize in advance if I am a little inconsistent in my blogging. Wait, I've never been consistent. The move is in less than 2 weeks. We started packing- and by packing I mean organizing- this past weekend. But there is still a LOT to do.

So you can expect several posts on me being sappy about moving and all the things I will miss.

Last night, Josh and I cuddled up by our fireplace because it was October 12 and it's freezing. We laid down on the floor with blankets and hot chocolate in front of the fire. So romantic, right? Um, the Phillies game was on. On the radio, that is, because we don't have a TV. I tuned it out most of the time.

I will miss our fireplace.

There are also many, many things I will not miss about this place. Thinking of those makes me a little more excited to move. A little. I will save those for another time.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New shop, New look, New bag!

Since I'm all etsy-fied now, I figured it was time to update my blog look. Do you like it? I think it's a little easier to read. Check out LeeLou blogs! There are plenty of free ones. But don't steal mine.

Just kidding!

Did you visit my shop yet? I will be listing this bag soon, which will give a total of FOUR listings! WAhoo!

I used Amy Butler upholstery fabric so it gave it more form. I also lined it with wool felt inside so it's soft and comfy. It needs a name, so I think I will call it the "Delilah Bag." Because that's how much I love my cat. Sorry Samson, your name isn't feminine enough.

Here is the first one I made:

I messed up while putting the magnetic snap closure in (I was a magnetic snap virgin), so I just decided to keep it for myself. I needed a new fall bag anyway!

Monday, October 5, 2009

...and we're live, folks

Hooray!! I finally got my Etsy shop up and running! Hooray!! I'm excited! Except sometimes I'm not very excited.

You see, I thought I'd have a lot of things to put in my shop by now. It seems like I do a lot of sewing, right? I do. I feel like I do, at least. Any spare moment I have, I try to make something. But you see, I guess I give away a lot of what I make. I've been making a lot of gifts lately, so it feels like I should have a lot more than I really do.

Well, go to my shop. Check how many items I have listed. 3. Three! Only three!? I was so excited to get this thing up and running, and then today I realized I don't have much to list!

Oh well. Three is a start. And I'll still be excited.

Ok, now for the good part. Are you ready for your special Sewing Snails surprise? Here it is:

If you are a Musings of a Snail blog follower, I will give you 20% off your whole order! yep! wahoooo! I'm not going to put an official "expiration" on it- yet, anyways. So if you order something in the next few weeks or months, tell me in the "message to seller" section that you're a blog follower, and I will update the total.

I told you I love my blog followers. I'm up to 12 now! This is so great :)

Ok, I better get sewing. Lots to do.

And because I love you all so much and I am feeling generous, I think I will do a giveaway soon. And if you read my blog, I think you'll have a pretty good chance at winning! So come on back, ya'll!

Friday, October 2, 2009

My all-time favorite apron (for now)

This is the apron that I couldn't show you the other day. I LOVE it. I love it so much that I wanted to keep it for myself. But alas, I can't keep everything I make. I made this as a thank you gift for my friend Sheri. Here I am modeling it, though I really should have had her model it!

(sorry for the fuzziness. My photographer/husband is great at many things, but taking pictures is not one of them) I also just realized you can't see the pocket in these pictures.

There we go.

The fabric designer is Alexander Henry. It's a bit summery, but I couldn't resist buying it last time I was at Joanne's. Anything with fruit, especially for an apron, is gold in my book.

I made a similar apron to put in my Etsy shop. I'm finally feeling a little better today (didnt' die, so that's good), so I'm hoping to have everything listed by Monday!

Have a great weekend, bloggy friends!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sad news

Ok, there could be worse news.

But I'm sad.

I picked up a bug, probably from one of my students on Tuesday, and haven't had the energy to list my items in my Esty shop by today. I really wanted to have it open by today. But I've been laying on the couch being a bum, watching Regis and Kelly, lamenting in my sore throat, body aches, headache, and feeling like I'm going to die.

Ok, I'm not going to die, but I don't get sick very often anymore and this is just AWFUL!

Soooo... the grand opening of my etsy shop will be next week!

If you don't mind, I need to get back to Regis and Kelly.