Friday, October 2, 2009

My all-time favorite apron (for now)

This is the apron that I couldn't show you the other day. I LOVE it. I love it so much that I wanted to keep it for myself. But alas, I can't keep everything I make. I made this as a thank you gift for my friend Sheri. Here I am modeling it, though I really should have had her model it!

(sorry for the fuzziness. My photographer/husband is great at many things, but taking pictures is not one of them) I also just realized you can't see the pocket in these pictures.

There we go.

The fabric designer is Alexander Henry. It's a bit summery, but I couldn't resist buying it last time I was at Joanne's. Anything with fruit, especially for an apron, is gold in my book.

I made a similar apron to put in my Etsy shop. I'm finally feeling a little better today (didnt' die, so that's good), so I'm hoping to have everything listed by Monday!

Have a great weekend, bloggy friends!


Bekah said...

ohhh soo cute!