Monday, October 5, 2009

...and we're live, folks

Hooray!! I finally got my Etsy shop up and running! Hooray!! I'm excited! Except sometimes I'm not very excited.

You see, I thought I'd have a lot of things to put in my shop by now. It seems like I do a lot of sewing, right? I do. I feel like I do, at least. Any spare moment I have, I try to make something. But you see, I guess I give away a lot of what I make. I've been making a lot of gifts lately, so it feels like I should have a lot more than I really do.

Well, go to my shop. Check how many items I have listed. 3. Three! Only three!? I was so excited to get this thing up and running, and then today I realized I don't have much to list!

Oh well. Three is a start. And I'll still be excited.

Ok, now for the good part. Are you ready for your special Sewing Snails surprise? Here it is:

If you are a Musings of a Snail blog follower, I will give you 20% off your whole order! yep! wahoooo! I'm not going to put an official "expiration" on it- yet, anyways. So if you order something in the next few weeks or months, tell me in the "message to seller" section that you're a blog follower, and I will update the total.

I told you I love my blog followers. I'm up to 12 now! This is so great :)

Ok, I better get sewing. Lots to do.

And because I love you all so much and I am feeling generous, I think I will do a giveaway soon. And if you read my blog, I think you'll have a pretty good chance at winning! So come on back, ya'll!


Tania-Dreams2009 said...

:) Congrats on opening your Esty shop today!!!

I too get really excited whenever I get new followers :) Love blogging!

PS. Love cats! and your pic with your kitty on your back is too cute!

Bekah said...

i love it!

jess said...

congrats! so excited for you! i hope you make enough to have as much may butler as your heart desires!