Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Goodbye, bathroom in the kitchen. Not exactly the best place for you.

Goodbye, slotted doors. You have made so many guests feel so uncomfortable while going to the bathroom. And yes, we could hear everything.

Goodbye, scary, creepy, dirty, leaky basement. I will only miss you for the storage you provide, though dirty and soggy it may be.

Goodbye, bright white bathroom floor. You show- magnify, actually- EVERY SINGLE HAIR AND MOLECULE of DIRT. I will not miss you. Not one bit.
(you don't want to see a picture of my bathroom floor at the moment)

Goodbye, closet that looks like a stage. Closet that was used as a stage. *Ahem* (Just kidding. I only said that to make you feel uncomfortable)

Goodbye, extremely loud, scares-me-every-time doorbell.

Goodbye, messy sewing corner. I truly will miss you. Back to sewing on the kitchen table.

Goodbye, wood paneling. You didn't look good, not even in 1982.

Goodbye, cold house. We turn the heat on and pay an outrageous amount of money, but you don't get warm. Ever. Ever.

Goodbye, crappy old dishwasher that smells like a moldy sponge.

Goodbye, window in the shower. You're not as camouflage-ing as one might expect. I realize we gave the neighbors a show for the first year we lived here.

Goodbye, kitchen faucet that burns me. I only loved you when I needed to boil water. Every other time, you just hurt me with your SCREAMING HOT water.

Goodbye, upholstery shop behind us. I will not miss your customers ringing our doorbell. I also will not miss delivering your mail every day. Nope, not a bit.

Ok, I feel better now. Operation MacNeills-are-Moving in 3 days!

We have LOTS to do- you know, like all the packing and stuff. No biggie.


jess said...

sniffle. sniffle.
i will miss this place with you.

Tania-Dreams2009 said...

Good luck with your move!!

Bekah said...

i love this post. You will remember that house as the first place you lived in together.. you'll show your kids this post. You will miss it..despite all the awfulness of it. And I will miss it too!
But I can't wait to not get burnt, be able to take a dump in peace, and not have to answer the door for strangers at your new places

Anonymous said...

SO funny! It's been too long since i've been amused by a snail!
Bekah is right, these memories will be fond...kinda like our mouse ridden, cow-humping, squirrel-pissed attic and other fond memories of our first apt:)

Becca said...

anonymous is me becky dernstene...i pushed the wrong button!

Abby said...

haha- i was wondering who anonymous was!! oooh becky derstene...

Busy Bee Lauren said...

It's bittersweet, isn't it? haha

susie said...

funny, funny, snail.
awesome post.
and i'm glad i never had to poo in the kitchen loo.
can't wait to see the new place.