Friday, January 29, 2010

Cupcakes for Haiti

Please go to Cupcakes For Haiti to check out what I've been up to this week!

Cupcakes for Haiti

I am part of this great community of people (my house church), and this is what we're doing to try to raise money for Haiti. We figured everyone loves cupcakes, and we all know enough people in this area to get the word out about yumminess for a good cause. I'm so excited about this. I have no idea how many cupcakes we will have to bake. It could be 20 or it could be a lot more. I'm hoping for lots more! 100% of the proceeds go to Deep Springs International to help get clean water to the Haitian people. They are raising money to buy buckets and tablets to purify water and to teach people how to do it.

If you live around the "north of Philadelphia" area and would like some cupcakes, or know of people who do, or can help in any way, let me know! Sorry, we're not going to ship cupcakes this time around. :)

Read my sister's blog for a much more eloquent explanation of our house church!


Becca said...

great idea! i just ordered some. i'll let my HC know if anyone is able to help!