Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I finished this apron yesterday.

I was hesitant to use white for the ruffle and lining, but it's all I had that matched. I don't like when aprons aren't convenient. Maybe some people don't, but I actually use my apron when I am cooking, and I usually need it!

I did something a little different with this apron. I cut the bottom so it is rounded instead of straight, and I made the ruffle go up the back a bit.

The pockets are Lizzy Dish fabric.

Do you love aprons as much as I do? Here are some sites to check out with tutorials and inspiration!

52 free apron patterns
Ruffle Apron tute (can't wait to make this)
Apron Goddesses


Bekah Buttons said...

ooh that's a cute one.
ps lula loved her apron!

Becca said...

SOOO abbyish!!! love it!
LOVE your page updates...looks so adorable.