Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Peas and Clotheslines

1. We picked a lot of peas in our Community Garden last night because pea season is just about up 'round these parts. See?

I will be busy looking up recipes to see what I can do with them today. The goal for our Community Garden is to give fresh food (or food made from fresh, healthy ingredients) to a local food pantry, Manna on Main Street. Anyone have any ideas?? Pea Soup?? Does anyone really like pea soup?? I'm not sure if I do. These peas are really good though, very sweet. Hmmmmm....

2. I finally got my clothesline up and running. (Ok it doesn't really "run", it is just tied to a tree). I love hanging my clothes out to dry because #1 it saves money on our energy bill, and #2 I feel like I am being environmentally friendly and that is a good feeling. The only downside, I have found, is the towels. They get too stiff. There is nothing like the feeling of a towel just out of the dryer! So soft and warm...

Anyway, I needed something pretty to put my clothespins in, so I made this!

Doesn't it just look so cute hanging there?

Maybe I'm overly sentimental.

I just like to have pretty things (especially things I can make myself) around when I am doing mundane tasks like doing the laundry. It really helps with the mundane-ness.

I got the idea from this blog that I like, Made by Rae . Of course hers looks a lot prettier than mine. But I wanted mine to have a hole on both sides, so I could reach in from either side of the clothesline. And see how the circle has little waves in it?

I kind of like it, but I didn't mean for it to turn out that way. I actually don't know how to sew a complete circle. "Seams" to me that there will always be a fold somewhere (sorry, couldn't help it!) Still lots to learn!


Bekah said...

watch out for the bees. that's how i got stung every summer

Busy Bee Lauren said...

That is so so so cute! You are so creative.

Mims said...

great clothespin bag! Watch that it doesn't get stolen. It has personality.