Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flower headband

This is my 20th post! WAHOOOOO!!!!!! I feel like I should get an award or something.... alas.

Ok, so onto better news, I made this the other day:

I used this tutorial, but changed it up here and there. First of all, it says to use linen, but I'm a cheapo and went with "linen-look" fabric. It would definitely be better with linen because it wouldn't be so flat. It's still cute though. I like it and think I will try some other ones.

Best of all, I put a little "slip cover" on the back so you can take the flower off and put it on another headband, or pin it to a shirt or bag.

I think I will make mini flowers and put them on baby booties, too!


Bekah said...


go here and look at babybirds. OMG so cute.

I might want my flower to be a little farther up on my head, rather on the side. you know me- i like it big & bold