Thursday, July 9, 2009

My dog, I mean cat, plays fetch

Yep. It's true. It just happened one day. Delilah brought me her mouse, I threw it, and she brought it back.

Sorry for the shakiness. I hope you don't barf.

This whole fetch thing was cute at first, but now it's becoming a problem. She wakes me up in the middle of the night wanting to play. I wake up with a mouse on my back or on my pillow. Delilah is "chirping" like in the video. I think it's some sort of hunting call. Cute, but not at 3am.

And then there's Samson, who will just watch the mouse land near him. He won't move. His gut is starting to swing back and forth when he walks. Poor guy.

As for sewing, it has been a light week. I will be back at it next week though! In the meantime, Josh, me, and some friends are off to the mountains for an outdoor, adventure-filled weekend. Yes, me + outdoor adventure= oxymoron and/or disaster. However, should be fun nonetheless!


Lydia said...

why wouldn't delilah do that for me? stupid cat. I love her. :) have fun this weekend, don't fall into the temptation. love you!

Mims said...

love the video, love Delilah. have fun camping.