Thursday, December 3, 2009

What I've been doing, besides not blogging

I haven't been blogging. Duh. I feel guilty, but I shouldn't, because it's supposed to be for fun and fun only. So there, I'm done feeling guilty.

Here's what I've been up to:

1. We had Thanksgiving in the good ol' US of A last week. I made mashed potatoes and two apple pies. I still have half of an apple pie in my fridge if anyone wants to come eat it! We had quite a potato peel incident right before we had to leave for T-giving- someone (ahem, Lydia) forgot to run the disposal until there were 10 lb. of potato peels in the sink. Let's just say we had to use the toilet plunger in the kitchen sink. Yuck.

2. Being a kitchen failure. It all started with the potato peel incident of 2009 (I blame Lydia only to take the real blame off of myself- I know, I'm a saint). On Tuesday, I was boiling a whole chicken, and while trying to take it out (with two large spoons) of the hot, greasy, gross water, it slipped and fell back in the hot, greasy, gross water and splashed ALLLLLL over me, the floor, the wall. Well, me being a genius thought that would just be a once and done thing- so I tried again. Slipped again. Tried again. Slipped again. Humph. Greasy, gross, chicken water all over me and my kitchen.

3. I started a fire. In the kitchen, no less. I think remnants of the greasy, gross, chicken water incident of 2009 were still on the burner of the stove the next day. I was trying to boil some rice, but I turned the wrong burner on. There was a lid to a pot on the [wrong] burner that I turned on, and while I'm doing dishes, Josh yells, "ABBY!" I turn around, and there is a flame coming from the burner. Yes. I caught the metal lid on fire. Oh, you didn't know that metal could catch on fire?? Me either. Welp folks, she's done it again.

4. Decorating for Christmas. Hopefully I won't catch our Christmas tree on fire with my mad kitchen skills. We got our tree this past weekend. I think it is the earliest I have ever gotten a tree in my life. Growing up we always got it about the week OF Christmas.

Also, Josh broke my kitchen scissors trying to cut the top of our Christmas tree off. I will be expecting a new pair in my stocking!

Dancing and [not] being a hipster. My sisters and I (minus Lydia- sorry Lyd) and our husbands/boyfriend went hipster bowling and dancing this past weekend. I'm REALLLLLLY good at bowling. I think my score was 54. Here's a pic of my great form:

Best picture ever:

I clearly didn't get the no smiling memo.

Love these girls! (I love you too, Lydia!)


Abby said...

I have no idea what is wrong with the font size. I tried to fix it, but it doesn't work. It's quite obnoxious, I'm sorry!

Bekah Buttons said...

haha i'm laughing so hard at the font... i have no idea what you did.

send me your code, i'll fix it

Lydia said...

I would appreciate it if you photoshopped me in that picture. thanks.