Monday, November 23, 2009

New Etsy Items and Craft show Bomb

My friend Jess and I went to a craft show this weekend. It was a flop/bomb/fail/hilarious day. There were lots of old ladies and a woman selling tupperware. It's a CRAFT show.... did she MAKE the tupperware? I don't think so.

Ha. Anyway, Jess and I had fun together. I sold one item and Jess sold two. It was at the local library, and I don't think anyone knew about it unless they happened to come in the library for some books. There was also this big parade going on outside, so that didn't help.

Here's Jess at our table

In the last two hours of the show I think about three people walked in the door. One woman came up to our table and said, "Aprons? People don't wear those anymore!" Well gee, thanks lady. That's half my table.

We had fun though, and we hope to do another one again soon. It was a good first show. Well, sorta.

So, now all of the items that didn't sell at the show (meaning, like, all of them) are now in my Etsy shop. Take a looksie! And don't forget my faithful blog followers get 20% off your order!


Bekah Buttons said...

cute!! sorry it was a flop. but at least you have things i can buy for xmas now

jess said...

haha i love this!
i thought about blogging about this hilarious experience but i dont even have the energy to retell it!!!

fingers crossed for finding a better craft show next time!

Kaley Badger said...

Oh my gosh what do they mean no one wears aprons! Aprons are way cool and I wear them whenever I cook! Hope you find a better show next time with more enthusiastic buyers!

Becca said...

oh, i've been there! craft shows can be discouraging, but somehow still fun. i'll keep an eye and ear out for some spring would be fun to have tables next to each other!