Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Auction items and zipper virgin

So remember when I told you about the art auction that I submitted some items in? Well, I sold both items (woo hoo!), and just wanted to show you what they were.

First, the Delilah Bag that I had in my Etsy shop- she's all decked out with her 'sewing snails' tags.

The second item was something I made specifically for this event- this 'dishes' apron.

I love this fabric. I thought the cranberry color made it perfect for the upcoming holidays.

And here's my table at the auction!

I am still buried with sewing projects. I'm beginning to fear that I will still be buried until Christmas. I'm working on this one bag for a friend- she requested a zipper instead of a snap, which I usually do. I'm a zipper virgin... Let's just say my kittens have had to cover their ears because of all the cursing, throwing, punching, etc. I've been doing getting this darn zipper in. I have to work on it in like 5 minute increments now, or else something really nasty might happen. I mean it. I'm gettin meeeeeeeeaaaaaannnnnn. Andrea, I promise it will be done before Christmas, though don't count on any Christmas cheer from me. :)


Josh MacNeill said...

The worst word you have ever said is "shux" Now stop trying to sound like a bad girl(:

jess said...

I'm with Josh. I can't see you being mad at anything!

Very cute bag though!

Becca said...

there's never enough time!!! or space!! or money!! or energy! okay, now i sound like an ungrateful brat-but i think your hearing me! sew on sister sew on!!