Sunday, December 27, 2009

Looky what I got!

No, these are not real nakey people.

I got these two beauties from Josh for my birthday a few weeks back, but since I lost my camera cord I couldn't tell you about them (Sidenote: Thank you for your prayers - I (and by "I," I clearly mean my hubster) found my camera cord! It was between the couch cushions, in case you were wondering. So, crisis solved. Phew. I can now get back to blogging.)

I really needed a good way to display aprons at craft shows, and also the mannequins certainly help with picture taking for my etsy shop and blog of course. Aren't they so pretty!

Anyway, I decided to name these two lovelies: Josephine and Mabel. They are so close to looking like real people, I just can't have them sitting in my house not having names. I'm weird like that. Although, I'm not sure what healthy woman has a waist that small!

Also, for Christmas I got three sewing books. I absolutely cannot wait to try like 589 new sewing projects now. These are the books I got:

I must admit, I was feeling quite pooped after sewing so much over the holidays. I was feeling uninspired, tired, lazy, and I just wanted to put my sewing machine away for a while. But after paging through these books, I can't wait to get back to it! Good thing I took off from teaching all of this week so I can get sewing. And blogging.


Christi said...

hi i was curious as to where you found your mannequins? i really like the looks of those adn could use them for my children's clothes...

Abby said...

Hi Christi, my husband bought these on ebay. they were pretty cheap, but they're plastic and are basically just the front of the body, no back. Thanks for commenting!