Sunday, December 13, 2009

Things that make Snails happy

1. Josh's semester is over, and he is now on break with only ONE SEMESTER LEFT!! Hallelujah, praise Jesus.

2. It's been a busy week for my etsy shop, Sewing Snails. If you had checked it last week, you would have seen "0 sales." But if you look now, you will see "7 sales." Seven!! Wahoooooo! This makes Snails very happy. Ok, half of them were family, but I did have a few real sales this week too!

3. I am a year older than last time I blogged. Yep, I turned the big two-three on Dec. 10. I don't feel much different. Just a little more blah. I feel like being 23 is a really boring age. 21 is like, "wahooo I can drink!" 22 is like, "wahooo people don't think i'm a drunk 21 year old anymore!" And 23 is like, "meh. blah." Oh well. I got some clothes for my birthday, and also... (see next point)

4. My techie/geeky sister Bekah purchased some URLs for me for my birthday. (Is that what it's called?) Yes, she thinks of those kinds of things. She's also the sister that helps me when my font gets bigger and bigger with each paragraph and I can't fix it. And then she laughs at me and posts about it on facebook. Well anyway, you will soon be reading my blog at musingsofasnail DOT COM. Yay! Or is it abisnails dot com? I forget.

5. I played Handel's Messiah this weekend. It was so lovely. I've heard so many of the pieces my entire life, but I never played it until now. I've been humming "All We Like Sheep" all weekend and trying to teach Josh the bass part. Hil. Arious.

6. I've been sewing. Sewing sewing sewing. I've had several orders for things from family members, and I'm trying to get it all done in time for Christmas. I definitely will, I'm just not sure anyone will be getting presents from ME this year because I have had no time whatsoever to shop.

I will post pictures of the things I've been making this week! Have a GREAT Monday, everyone.


sam said...

Abi it was so great to meet you this weekend. Congrats on the Etsy sales, That's awesome!! Cheers, Sam :)

Abby said...

thank you, Sam- it was great meeting you too!

Ashton Dene' said...

This is my first time commenting on your blog.

First, happy belated birthday!

Second, I can't wait to order from your etsy shop, I love your stuff!

x, ash

Abby said...

Ashton- welcome to my musings, thanks for commenting!! :)

Becca said...

congrats on the etsy sales! great idea to have family purchase from there. and be proud of the other sales too-etsy is really competetive!

adelheide said...

Saw this blog and thought the coffee sleeves could be a cute addition to your etsy shop:

Bekah Buttons said...

i bought you both... it will SAY but will redirect here!
whoo hoo for my geekiness in a dress