Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vacation recap

We got back from Riviera Maya safe and sound on Tuesday night. No swine flu, kidnappings, people forcing us to take drugs, etc. We had a GREAT trip! Lots of relaxing, eating, reading, eating, with some more relaxing thrown in between. We didn't do any extra "excursions," because we figured we got the trip so cheap, why turn it into something expensive? And we were happy just staying at the resort anyway. If we were there much longer I would have wanted to get out of the resort for a little while, but 5 nights was a good amount of time.

Some highlights:

  1. Josh speaking Spanish... Josh continuing to speak Spanish by saying "si" to the girl in Starbucks in Wayne, PA yesterday.
  2. Josh being the most prepared man in all of Mexico. Seriously people, my husband is the best person to travel with, so if you ever need a companion, just let him know. He is just ALWAYS ahead of the game. While I am immersed in my book or Martha magazine, Josh is just waiting for what we need to do next, passport and boarding pass in hand, opened to the correct page, boarding pass facing the right direction. He has every step of the traveling already planned out in his head. When he knows he will need to tip someone within the next two hours, he puts the right amount of money in his POCKET, so as not to take more than three seconds looking through his wallet for cash. The entire trip I did not have to worry about a single thing- room key, towel cards, dinner reservation ticket- he always had the proper card or document, in hand, ready to go, 5 MINUTES before we even reached our destination. This is why I want to have lots of babies with this man. (well, ok, there are other reasons too)
  3. Topless women (sorry, no pictures). When we went to Punta Cana on our honeymoon, no one was topless, and we even stayed at a couples-only resort. This was a FAMILY resort, kids all around, and still, many many topless women. Josh didn't seem to mind. I know it's a culture thing- I am just not used to it because no one does it in the States. But... WOW, it really takes you by surprise at first! So, you know how you give people you never talk to names, based on what they look like or how they act around other people, even when you have never talked to them or met them? I do that a lot. I know you do too, so don't judge me. First, there was HOTT GIRL. Seriously, she was hott with two t's. Or is HAWT cooler? Whichever word is hotter, she was that. She sat in the very middle of the pool where there were lounge chairs, for all to see her hawtness when they walked by. I even saw her walk over to the bar and/or bathroom topless. I mean, she was HAWT/HOTT and she knew it. Then there was WATERMELON LADY. Seriously.... the girls were HUUUUUGE. I mean, she was a bigger woman, but... wow. Then there was CUTE GIRL, who got reallllly sunburned... ouch. Then there was FAKE GIRL... yeah, they HAD to be fakies. Well anyway, the funny thing is, all of these people laid in the same vicinity and they had their own club. It was like they bonded over their toplessness. Then there was Mrs. Sagsalot, who wasn't in their club, and I saw her one night at dinner. It's just weird eating my dinner, drinking my champagne, knowing that I saw this woman topless earlier in the day. Weird.
  4. Every day, when we got back from the pool/beach there was a new towel figure on our bed. So cute! This was the first one. There were swans, mermaids, shells, and old ladies with hoods on (??). Not sure what that was about.
  5. Pina coladas: I loooove me a pina colada. I probably had like 10 of them. All week though, there was this drink I kept seeing around that was like a pina colada, but it had this pink strawberry yummyness on top. I didn't know what it was called but I wanted it. I never figured it out. Humph.
All in all, it was a great trip. I feel very blessed to be able to go on a wonderful vacation, with the man I love! Now, I am back home and am really looking forward to getting back to sewing. Ohh, the projects I have up my sleeve! :)


Bekah said...

Josh= Uncle Gary. Love it

Sounds fun! I want to go.

Speaking of sewing- Laura & I found the best fabric store in the city- maybe we can go down there this Sat w/ the girls. It's expensive though, but would be fun for you to see.
I need to pick out fabric. I want a bag!

Lula! said...

I just took a mini-vacation with you...
because it's raining here, as per usual, and seeing your sunny skies, bikini-self, holding a frozen drink, just made me want to be at the beach.

Good times!

Margarita said...

I've been to that resort with my bf 3 years ago!! Isn't that crazy?? Found you on 20sb.

Abby said...

Margarita- thanks for the add on 20sb! that's crazy you've been to the same resort! small world, huh?

Becca said...

Jeff and I were cracking up at the topless section. You could write for Ellen:) Glad you had fun!