Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Favorite things and non-things as of late

Recently, I've acquired some new things around my house, and I wanted to share them with my treasured blog readers (Yes, Bekah, Becca, Josh, and Lula, that's you!) And if you read my blog but don't comment.... come out come out wherever you are.

  1. I am loving my new bedspread. We had this other one and it was just too hot for the summer, so I bought this one at Homegoods at a pretty decent penny. I am planning on making some throw pillows to match though, because it's a bit bare. 2. I love the design of this new fabric I bought at Joann's. I bought it with the throw pillows for my bed in mind, but tell me your thoughts. Does it really go? It's hard to see in the picture, but there is blue in the comforter, it's just a lighter shade.
3. Josh and I went to Ikea last week with the intent of buying a desk, but we came home with a sewing table instead! We don't have room for both a desk and a sewing table, and the thought was to make it both, but I think I took over a bit.
4. This was one of my first sewing projects (well, I can't really call it a project because it took about 10 minutes): A curtain for the shower so our neighbors can't look in anymore! One could most definitely see shapes and colors through that window, so, sorry neighbors... no more free nakey shower shows anymore!
5. I FINALLY got my diploma in the mail last week! WAHOO! I was getting a little worried that something was wrong with my transcripts because it took so long to come, but, alas, it is here. It looks so official, doesn't it? Well, I guess it kind of is.
6. My new Pampered Chef knives! They are so awesome. You don't really know just how bad your knives are until you get really good ones. This was part of my anniversary present from Josh (that I picked out). Sooo romantic, thanks Josh :)
7. I had a gift card to Crate and Barrel from Christmas, so I bought this fun glass leafy bowl thing. It matches the green in my living room. Now I just need something to put in it...
8. This isn't really a thing, it's a non-thing, but I have to put it in here somewhere. This is Dangles. Also known as Delilah. Delilah Dangles. She will find any little ledge, and she will dangle. So cute.

9. I can't mention Delilah Dangles without mentioning Samson. He has been BEGGING me to give him violin lessons. (that's a shoulder rest he is hugging) Seriously though, I just found him like that one day.
10. This is a two-part favorite thing. The first part is this book I am reading, The 19th Wife, by David Ebershoff. It's really really interesting, and I am learning about a culture and history that I hardly even knew existed. It is a modern day fictional story, but in between chapters are historical documents and an autobiography... it's really two stories in one, a real one and a fictional one. Has anyone read it? I would love to know your thoughts.

The second part of this favorite thing is another non-thing... brace yourselves... Josh is reading! I have known Josh for about 6 years now, and I haven't ever seen him really read a book. He usually starts and stops books, and usually they are just Christian non-fiction books. I said, "When was the last time you really read a "storybook" (haha) A book with characters, and a plot?" He said, "Probably middle school." So, he's been reading The 19th Wife. I'm so proud!! (And I bet he's embarrassed right about now :)
Well, I have one more favorite thing, my favoritest thing, but I will leave you in suspense. I can't ruin the perfect 10 and end with 11 things, now can I?? You'll just have to come back tomorrow.

And what are your favorite things or non-things??


Bekah said...

I like Twilight.
And kittens
And david
and cats
and blogging
even though i have no time to do my real blog.
just my blog where i make real money..
yep. that's all

Lydia said...

I like my sisters.
(bad sister award goes to the one above me. or below, wherever they put this comment in reference to bekah.)