Friday, May 29, 2009

I've been sewing these days...

So, something that I have taken on in the past few months has been sewing. I have never sewed before, well, except for in 8th grade- I made fleece pajama pants in home ec. I bought the thickest fleece and I couldn't ever wear them because they were so hot and they were so staticky they clung to my legs! My teacher's name was Mrs. Sleeva- ha! She was destined to be a sewing teacher. Anyway, she was the meanest teacher ever and her hair never moved (not that that has anything to do with her being mean). I remember being afraid to ask questions because she would just get so annoyed. So, I put my sewing practice away for a while, never really picked it up again after that class because I didn't enjoy it. Thanks a lot, Mrs. Sleeva. You are an inspiration, really.

I started to sew again a few months ago because for my arts theology class, we had to do a "creative project." I had wanted to try sewing, so I did that for my project and made this:
Ok, I had a little help from my grandmother! She taught me all the basics of sewing again and using my machine. I made the dress for my class, but also I wore it for my senior recital. It took several days to make, and Grandma Trudi spent more time on it than I even did after I left. It was a fun project, but I don't think I'll do it again any time soon! I did realize I could take on smaller projects- baby sized projects- (that's a hint) and feel like I can handle that all by myself, even with my limited skills.

So now that I gots my edumacation and I'm all gradiated and stuff, I have more time on my hands. I've been browsing through craft blogs, and let me tell you, there are some really creative people out there. I also stumbled across some food blogs and I just want to eat everything. Especially when I am up browsing late at night, my tummy really grumbles. Anyway, that's for another time. I've been getting inspiration from websites like Etsy and Craft Gossip, where they just link to crafter's blogs and write up a little blurb about a cool project a certain blogger has on their site. Very cool, and every time I check it there is something new. And this weekend I am going to an arts and crafts show in Philly! I am excited! I will get more inspiration there.

This is what I did today:
I got the pattern from this lovely blog: Thanks, tinyhappy!

I added a cell phone pocket and a bigger pocket- all by myself!
Take that, Mrs. Sleeva!
Lydia (my youngest sister) picked out the fabric. Good choices, Lyd! Came out cute!

I even made my own "button pouch" to match with some extra fabric. Yes, I made that name up myself so you can't steal it. kthanks. This was the first time I did button holes, so when I do it again I will make the hole bigger so I can actually fit a real button in there (instead of a bead!), and I will put it up higher. It's basically the same as the bottom of the shoulder bag but with no straps, and a button hole instead of a button strap.

I LOVE making bags. It is very fulfilling. And who doesn't love a new bag?! I learned so much today- I got so much better at sewing around the curves, got to know my friend/enemy the seam ripper really well when I accidentally put wrong sides together instead of right sides together. Arghh! I sewed my first button holes, thanks to good ol' YouTube I learned how to hand sew a blind stitch, and many other small triumphs.
Meanwhile, Samson and Delilah did this all day- yes literally, all day:

Look at my babies, oh how I love them. Samson on left, Delilah on right.

Ok, I will keep you in suspense until next time for my baby-sized projects. And no, this is not an announcement of any sorts! Sheesh, people!


Bekah said...

but i want to be an aunt! i can't wait for my bag!

Lula! said...

you said "Edumacation."

We say that ALL THE DANG TIME. So you rule.

I want that bag you created. Wish I could sew but I'm all thumbs.

I feel privileged and special that Bekah's sister commented on my blog. Seriously. You've made my day.

p.s. Go make her an aunt. She's begging.

Abby said...

Lula- Well you'll have to read my blog, I just might do some giveaways once I get more than 3 readers. Yes, I have about 3- Bekah, Lauren, and my husband Josh. Yes, she is such a beggar, something about a "longing in her womb for neices and nephews" ?? Who says that?

Thanks for commenting!