Friday, May 22, 2009

a blog, you say?

Hello! Thank you for reading my blog! I am excited for this for many reasons. I've wanted to start a blog for a long time, but haven't had the time until recently. I love reading blogs. Sometimes I read random people's blogs just for fun- I like learning about people and what they do and what they are passionate about. It gives me ideas, sparks creativity, and broadens my little world. So, without further ado (adoo, uhdo, a do?), I will answer some questions that I know you are just dieing to ask:

1. So, um, who are you?
Good question. Still trying to figure that one out. I am just your average college graduate, violinist, violin teacher, daughter of Christ (well, this is not average), wife, mother to two kitties, sister, friend, etc. I have been married for almost one year (whoa!), and I'm wondering when one is no longer considered a newlywed? My husband, Josh, is the most loving, hard-working, sensitive man, and our first year of marriage has been wonderfully wonderful, not only for the non-virgin-ness, but we are finally able to just be ourselves and be together, in our own space, the way it's supposed to be.

I am also a sister to three beautiful women, whom I love very deeply. There is something about a sister...
2. What do you like to do? Do you have any new hobbies with your newfound time?
I am glad you asked. Well, for one, I am a violinist, and I spend a lot of my time practicing and preparing for lessons. Secondly, I must say I have become quite the seamstress. Yes folks, I took up a little sewing. I secretly stalk craft-blogs, and I just love the creativity of people. I am excited to show off my very amateur craft projects on my blog. I am also enjoying reading again. Being in college left no time for pleasure reading (no, not that kind sickos), and I am really enjoying reading my new Jodi Piccoult book. I have this great dream of reading the great classics that I should have read in high school. One day...

3. What do you do when your husband Josh falls asleep at 8:00pm every night?
I will be updating my new blog.

4. What are your favorite things?
Well that reminds me, I love The Sound of Music, my rainboots, these new hair clips that I bought at Target, my Pampered Chef mix 'n scraper, my violin of course, pretty fabric and scrapbook paper, throw pillows, sweaters, clean sheets.

5. Tell us about your kittens.

Oh good, I'm so glad you asked. Samson and Delilah are brother and sister. They were rescued from a farm where the farmer was going to shoot them because their mother died and he did not want to care for them. They lived with a foster family for a while, and then Josh and I got to take them home. They are the sweetest, cutest, most loveable kittens ever. I say "kittens" because they will always be kittens to me, but really they are almost full-grown now. But they still cuddle, snuggle, wrestle (nicely), and give each other baths. They each have their own personality. Delilah is a little more skiddish when you first meet her, but she warms up pretty quickly. I always call her "whiny-pants" because she makes a lot of noises just when she is walking around the house. She loves to be held like a baby, and her favorite thing to do lately is to sit in the windows, since we've had them open, and watch birdies outside. She is also very good at catching bugs. Samson, well, he is a bit slow, shall we say. He doesn't seem to learn as easily and quickly as Delilah does. But he is so very loving. Sometimes I find him walking around the house purring so loud for no good reason. One of his favorite activities is to lay in the sink. He really likes water, which is strange.

6. What are your least favorite things?
Shaving, when my feet stick out of the sheets, cleaning the litter box, cold weather, stupid drivers.

7. Can I stop asking myself questions now?

Yes, please.

How does one end a blog? Am I supposed to say "goodbye"? I guess I can do whatever I want... More to come soon, thanks for reading, goodbye!


Bekah said...

yay! you didn't tell me. i can't wait to see your crafts on the blog either. also you should comment on the craft blogs you 'stalk' (called lurking on the interwebs) b/c as you'll learn, bloggers LOVE commenters! i am adding you to my blogroll now

Landale Community Garden said...

I have just learned some much about you.