Monday, November 23, 2009

New Etsy Items and Craft show Bomb

My friend Jess and I went to a craft show this weekend. It was a flop/bomb/fail/hilarious day. There were lots of old ladies and a woman selling tupperware. It's a CRAFT show.... did she MAKE the tupperware? I don't think so.

Ha. Anyway, Jess and I had fun together. I sold one item and Jess sold two. It was at the local library, and I don't think anyone knew about it unless they happened to come in the library for some books. There was also this big parade going on outside, so that didn't help.

Here's Jess at our table

In the last two hours of the show I think about three people walked in the door. One woman came up to our table and said, "Aprons? People don't wear those anymore!" Well gee, thanks lady. That's half my table.

We had fun though, and we hope to do another one again soon. It was a good first show. Well, sorta.

So, now all of the items that didn't sell at the show (meaning, like, all of them) are now in my Etsy shop. Take a looksie! And don't forget my faithful blog followers get 20% off your order!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Auction items and zipper virgin

So remember when I told you about the art auction that I submitted some items in? Well, I sold both items (woo hoo!), and just wanted to show you what they were.

First, the Delilah Bag that I had in my Etsy shop- she's all decked out with her 'sewing snails' tags.

The second item was something I made specifically for this event- this 'dishes' apron.

I love this fabric. I thought the cranberry color made it perfect for the upcoming holidays.

And here's my table at the auction!

I am still buried with sewing projects. I'm beginning to fear that I will still be buried until Christmas. I'm working on this one bag for a friend- she requested a zipper instead of a snap, which I usually do. I'm a zipper virgin... Let's just say my kittens have had to cover their ears because of all the cursing, throwing, punching, etc. I've been doing getting this darn zipper in. I have to work on it in like 5 minute increments now, or else something really nasty might happen. I mean it. I'm gettin meeeeeeeeaaaaaannnnnn. Andrea, I promise it will be done before Christmas, though don't count on any Christmas cheer from me. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Please still love me....

Ohhhh dear blog.....

I hope you still love me. I have been such a bad blogger. You must understand... I have been drowning, drowning, in sewing projects. Sewing projects that I started weeks ago, before I moved- projects people have asked me to do. So if you are one of those people, I have not forgotten about you. I working on it. I'm WORKIN on it people, sheesh, give me a break!! :)

Believe me, I WANT to get these projects done. So badly. You see, I just got some fabric in the mail yesterday, and one of the cuts was for my linen "closet"- (more like a hole in the wall) I am going to make a curtain. See? It needs one. Bad.

But I promised myself I won't do it, even though it will take like 11.5 seconds, until all of my projects for other people are done.

So, in all my busyness, I have neglected my blog. And I shall neglect it more until I get these projects done. I'm sorry. Do you feel like you are on the back burner? Cause you are. Please still love me.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sewing Snails tags

I was invited to submit some items for auction at the Lansdale Silent Art Auction, to benefit the Boys and Girls Club. I am very excited for this- 1. because I will actually sell something (unless nobody bids... sad snails), and 2. it is for a good cause. I was honored to be asked to submit some items- I don't often look at what I do as "art," because I still feel like I am learning and often feel very inadequate! But then again, I feel very inadequate when I play violin too, but I look at that as art. I guess it's because sewing is still so new to me... it just feels different.


I made these tags for my items today. A little while ago I found this "snail" fabric from, and it was on sale for like 2.50/yd or something outrageous like that! So I bought like 4 yards.

I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I thought I could at least make some snails tags. I think they came out cute, but you tell me what you think.

I used "Wonder Under." It's this paper-like stuff that you iron on to the wrong side, peel off, and it leaves this glue, and then you iron on another piece of fabric. So basically you're bonding fabric to fabric.

I did this all while the plumber was here today... I got out of the shower this morning and stepped in soppy carpet in our bedroom. Yuck. So I was being crafty all day while the plumber was here. Good times.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Stuff/Junk/Crap/I don't say that other word

There's no time like when you move to realize how much stuff/junk/crap you have. I never really realized it until we put it all in one room to get ready for the move. Here's half of it:

There was still some stuff here:

And here:

And here:

And the thing is, we don't even have a whole lot of stuff. Compared to people who are older and have been married a long time, we really don't have much at all. But these pictures make me a little sick inside, knowing I have all this crap and some people can't even put food on the table for their family. The move has definitely made me more grateful for what I have, and we've realized we can live a lot more simply. So, we gave a lot of things away, and we put some things in storage (aka our parent's basements/garages). The whole moving weekend was a blur, and I'm just glad it's over now.

So... pictures of the new place, as promised:

"Oh, hi. Welcome to our new home! We love our new home, because mommy found the cat nip while we were packing to move, and we ate it alllllll while they were away this weekend. Puuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr."

(they're telling the truth)

Front door (ok, only door)

Dining room (still in need of a few pictures)

Living room, this is also where I give lessons

(Can you tell Delilah needs a little attention?)

Laundry room



Where the magic happens

Messy sewing corner- we had room for it! just barely...

That's about it! I finally got back to some sewing this weekend. I made two aprons, so pics to come of those soon!