Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baltimore Day 2

Day 2 of our mini-vacay was another gorgeous day. We got up early (because there's no sleeping in when married to my man) and went for yet another walk.

We were trying to find a nice little cafe near the harbor. Who knew that there are NO places to eat breakfast on the water? None that we saw anyway. We walked probably 2 miles. We did pass Babe Ruth on our walk though. Good times.

We finally ended up back at our hotel, out of breath and starving (and me cranky because I didn't have my coffee yet).

So, when we got back we looked up some breakfast restaurants and finally settled on one back near the harbor, but not ON the harbor. We were so close. Well, it was a good decision (thanks again, Yelp) because the food was deLISH. Josh loves eggs benedict, so he got this "southern" eggs benedict with corn cakes and pulled pork barbecue on the side. Yeah, whoa. Definitely a man's meal.

I got a veggie and goat cheese omelet with yummy hash browns and a biscuit that tasted like Cracker Barrel's biscuits... YUM!

Then on our way home, Josh said, "You know, I'm craving a milk shake. McDonald's has good milkshakes. And I've heard great things about the Shamrock shake that they have out right now." So, we stopped at a dive of a McDonald's and got milkshakes. Josh went with the plain ol' vanilla, and I took a risk and got the Shamrock shake. Umm... disGUSTing. So gross. It tasted like chemicals. I do NOT recommend.

Josh happily sipping away at his safe milk shake.

(he shared with me, because he's nice)

Here's mine. Yuck.

It was a fun, much needed trip- minus the whole milkshake fiasco. When we got home we hugged our kitties. We always miss them so much when we are away, even if just for a night. Weird? Losers? Yep, Yep.


Bekah Buttons said...

really!? i have good memories of the Shamrock shake. Mom used to LOVE it... maybe they changed it over the years?

Rachael said...

I have no memories of the shamrock shake. it also just took me a good 30 seconds to figure out the cat picture. It looks like 1 body and 2 heads! very misleading

Bluebelle said...

That food looks so delicious!

jess said...

yea i have found memories of shamrock shakes...maybe you pissed off the mcdonalds leprechaun?