Tuesday, September 22, 2009


No, I'm not pregnant.

There is other big news! I decided I am going to open an Etsy shop. Wahooo!!! I'm very excited. This is pretty much how it goes: the hubby and I are broke, and being broke is not good for the seamstress. So, I need to sell my things if I want to continue to make things. Make sense??? I'm also hoping it will bring in a little extra mulah for ourselves. I'm not expecting a lot, but a little would be nice.

My shop will be called "Sewing Snails." I plan to be officially open for business by October 1. And all you Musings of a Snail followers best check back because I just might have a special deal for you. Just sayin'. I might. You never know.

Speaking of followers, I have 10! Ten! Welcome, new people! This is the place to be, I can tell you that much right now.

Ok, so anywho.... I've been trying to write my Etsy policies- payment, shipping, etc.- and it is HARD! (that's what she said) I am not good at this. (that's what she said) If anyone has any tips on policies, please let me know.

I feel like I can't do a post without putting a picture in it, so I leave you with this adorable picture of my kitties when they were babies. We just passed their 1st birthday.

And yes, they still cuddle like this!


jess said...

yea abby! i hope you do well!
i can't believe you made an apron from the same material! did you just make it? i guess thats what happens when there is only one fabric store round here.

Bekah said...

you will make a million dollars

Dreams2009 said...

Congrats! And good luck!!

Christen said...

welcome to etsy world! I sell my jewelry on that site & it is seriously the greatest place EVER. I am legitimately addicted. good luck!!

Bluebelle said...

Great idea, good luck with it!