Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another wristlet

I made this wristlet for my sister-in-law Chrissy's birthday last week.

I really like this wristlet. It's the perfect size for my phone, camera, small wallet, and a lip gloss.

However, you can tell in the picture above that I really need to work on my pattern. It's very lopsided. That's just good ol' me again, rushing through the pattern making. I told Chrissy that it has several flaws, but she didn't seem to mind!


jess said...

so cute! where is the fabric from?

Abby said...

just from Joann's... I got it on clearance!

Lydia said...

I have a proposal for you. for school we aren't allowed to have backpacks, and for girls, if we have a purse that could fit the size of a textbook, it is considered a backpack.. SO I'm thinking I could give you one of my textbooks and you can make it approx. one inch smaller and I could use that as my 'purse.' I'm just thinking of this off the top of my head to give you some more practice, ya know. ;)