Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm so proud, part 2

My little sister Rachael also graduated on Saturday! Congrats Rachy baby!

Rachael is somewhat quiet and reserved, and reminds me a LOT of my mom. Sometimes when she answers the phone I actually think my mom answered the phone, she sounds so much like her.(me, Mom, Rach, at the Phila. Zoo a looong time ago)

Rachael is less than two years younger than me (one school grade), so we were always best buds growing up.
(me with the crazy hair, Rachy baby on the right)

We shared a bedroom, played softball, took violin lessons together, and were always playing outside together ("Back in the Olden Days," of course).

I love you Rach!

I'm so proud...

This past weekend my husband Josh graduated from Eastern University! Yay!

It may have taken a long time...

But all the hard work

Will be so worth it.

(no, I'm not preggers, it was windy)

My husband is such a hard worker, sometimes working 50+ hours while in school.

I'm so proud and grateful to be married to this man!