Thursday, July 23, 2009

i'm back

Hello my little bloggy friends,

Has it really been a week since my last post??? I was feeling quite uninspired in my sewing this week, and let's face it, my life really is not all that interesting, so I kept saying, "I have nothing to blog about!" Is there like a "blog ideas" website? If there isn't, I should create one. Except I never have ideas, so I guess that wouldn't work...

Pretty much all I did last week was make these flowers:

I upgraded my pattern to include a piece of velcro on the back to go around any headband or clip/pin.

They are a fun, quick, easy project.

But this week, I've been loving this site: Wardrobe Refashion

It's got me ALL KINDS of inspired. That is why I was excited when Josh brought home this HUGE pile of clothes from his parents house (he is still moving out).

Why I am excited about all these men's shirts that Josh won't wear?

And just why did I cut off the elastic shelf bra of the exercise shirt I never wear? Or the elastic waistband of my pajama pants that Josh hates??

Oh. Just you wait. Just you wait.

Ok, I will give you one little hint:

Josh's old shirts + elastic from clothes I never wear = New and improved clothes for me!!


Bekah said...

ooh i cannot wait. i also have a button thta is about to fall off on a skirt. i will bring it over....


Abby said...

ok, I will mend your clothes.

Bluebelle said...

Just found you on 20sb - hi!